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Celebrating the spirit of Arabian cinema

Despite being a beautiful place to live and explore, Kuwait had witnessed the worst environmental disaster during the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in the year of 1990-91. During this war, 650 wells were burnt; 11 million barrels of oil have been spilled into the Gulf and blackness reigned on the sky of Kuwait for months. Nature has been destroyed, wildlife was ruined, humans were inhumanly killed and the echoes of violence continue to terrify Kuwaitis for years after years. In this scenario, the people of Kuwait desperately needed someone or something that talks about hope, spread love, saves lives and inspires the next generation to live more peacefully, more sympathetically. 

In 2009, Kuwait witnessed the rise of a new sun. People started celebrating life with Green Caravan Film Festival. Being a traveling festival it spoke about environmental and social issues. It exhibited the best of Arabian films and inspired millions to lead a better life. Touring in Kuwait, London and Dubai the purpose of Green Caravan Film Festival lies in growing hope all over the world and confiscate terrorism from the minds of the people. In the year 2016, GCFF returned to the Gulf to make an extended tour of various Gulf cities.

Created to showcase the aptitudes of immensely talented filmmakers and writers, this festival certainly brings hopes to the world with its variety of audiences, NGOs and followers, who unite on the major issues faced by the humankind in order to fight and win together. These films portray the zeal and thirst of the filmmakers who are determined to make this earth a better place to live. 

So, are you living in Kuwait? Then you should surely be a part of this noble film festival. Go ahead, watch good films, realize and be the change. However, you can also simply go for Dish TV Recharge India and enjoy brilliant films with social and environmental awareness messages. As this festival teaches us that films can go beyond entertainment and make a huge impact on the society, we expect Kuwait to get back its peace and be the city of love and harmony, as it was always meant to be. So get your Dish TV Recharge done today and watch films that can change your thinking and make you a better person altogether.